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Welcome to INOVIS Live Automation AG, your expert for flexible solutions to increase manufacturing results. Our broad portfolio of height-adjustable motion solutions, specifically designed for mounting panel PCs, sets new standards in the modern manufacturing industry. Panel PCs consist of a computer system and a display. We understand that efficient digital workflows are critical while ensuring the comfort of your employees.

Flexibility for the future – panel PC mounts

Our innovative mounting solutions are optimally tailored to the requirements of panel PCs and offer maximum flexibility. Whether you want to mount computing devices on machines, floors or walls, our open architecture allows you to make these adjustments effortlessly. In addition, we offer the option of ceiling mounting, installation on conveyor belts, in vehicles or simply on or at a tabletop or workbench. Mounting on casters of a standard or customised trolley with the option of an integrated power supply as well as a touch display is also an option. By using our mounts, you not only get maximum flexibility, but also protect your investment in the long run.

Ergonomics and increased productivity

Our height-adjustable designs are not only ergonomic, but also designed to increase the productivity of your employees. By placing the panel PC in the optimal working position, our mounts help maximize efficiency. Reducing back and neck pain not only promotes your employees’ well-being, but also minimizes downtime.

Optimal use of space for your success

Thanks to our specially designed mounts, you can make the most of available space in warehouses and back-office environments. Our flexible solutions allow you to mount panel PCs in a space-saving way without compromising on workspace. This allows you to create workspaces that are not only efficient, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Highest reliability and safety

Our mounting solutions undergo demanding testing to ensure the highest reliability. From cycle to stress testing, we ensure your panel PCs are securely mounted and can withstand the rigors of demanding manufacturing environments. We focus on technology deployment and theft protection to ensure the security of your data and systems.

Applications and Markets

Learn more about the versatile applications and markets where INOVIS flexible touch panel PC mounts are setting new standards. Our innovative solutions are used in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and more. Whether in production-intensive environments or back-office areas, our mounts provide an optimal solution everywhere.

Various applications for greater efficiency

Our flexible panel PC mounts are used in a wide variety of applications. In the manufacturing industry, they enable precise positioning of panel PCs on machines to provide real-time data and instructions. In warehouses, they optimize the tracking of goods flows and inventory levels. In healthcare, they support access to patient data and medical information. Our solutions adapt to the needs of your industry and improve workflow in any environment.

Markets benefiting from INOVIS

INOVIS’ advanced panel PC mounts are revolutionizing a wide variety of markets. In the manufacturing industry, they increase productivity, optimize process control and help minimize errors. In retail, they enable interactive kiosk systems and digital signage that improve customer loyalty and shopping experiences. In education, they create interactive learning environments and support cutting-edge teaching methods. Our mounts open up countless opportunities to set new standards in different markets.

Your future with INOVIS

No matter what industry you are in, our flexible touch panel PC mounts offer customized solutions that optimize your work processes and promote the comfort of your employees. Let INOVIS guide you to a world where productivity, ergonomics and innovation go hand in hand. Contact us today to learn how we can work together to meet your unique needs.

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