INOVIS commercial shoot: Hand disinfection stand

We are thrilled to give you an exclusive insight into the making of our new commercial for the hand disinfection stand with INOVIS Screen. Dive into the world of film production with us and learn more about the innovative product that drives our mission for more hygiene and safety.

Focus on hand disinfection – The hand disinfection stand with INOVIS Screen

In times of increased hygiene requirements, the hand disinfection stand with INOVIS Screen is an innovative solution that meets the needs of our time. The smart disinfection stand combines touch-free hand disinfection with a high-resolution screen. This way, we not only offer an effective disinfection option, but also a way to present important information, advertising and messages.

From concept to implementation: the team behind the commercial

Our experienced team of creatives, filmmakers and technicians worked hand in hand to develop the concept for the commercial and turn it into reality. From the choice of locations to the selection of actors and the right voice actor, every detail was carefully planned to convey the product’s message in the best possible way.

Innovation meets elegance – the commercial in action

The finished commercial for the hand sanitiser stand with INOVIS Screen is an interplay of innovative technology and elegant aesthetics. We show how the smart disinfection stand is used without losing focus on the user-friendly functions and modern design. At the same time, we present the many uses of the integrated screen, which can range from advertising messages to important health information.

Looking forward to completion – Together for more hygiene and safety

We can’t wait to present the finished commercial to our customers. It will not only highlight the qualities of the hand disinfection stand with INOVIS Screen, but also share our enthusiasm for innovative solutions in the areas of hygiene and safety. After all, our goal is to develop products that contribute to a healthier and safer environment.

Stay tuned – the launch of the commercial is coming soon!

Be excited and look out for our new commercial for the hand sanitiser stand with INOVIS Screen. Follow us on our social media channels such as YouTube and visit our website to stay up to date and never miss any news. Together we are creating a clean and safe future!

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