Ultra Compact Box PC uIBX-260-EHL at INOVIS

Ultra Compact Box PC uIBX-260-EHL at INOVIS Live Automation AG. Unveiling a Compact Powerhouse for Industrial IoT Applications.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Industrial IoT (IIoT), the demand for compact and powerful computing solutions is more significant than ever. Addressing this need, INOVIS Live Automation AG introduces the uIBX-260-EHL, an Ultra Compact Size Box PC designed to revolutionize industrial automation, warehouse management, transportation, and other edge computing applications.

At the heart of the uIBX-260 lies the Intel® Celeron® J6412 processor, delivering exceptional performance while maintaining low power consumption. This compact box PC boasts an 8GB onboard LPDDR4x memory, providing a 236% boost in CPU performance compared to its predecessor, the uIBX-250. The upgraded memory not only enhances speed at 4267MT/s but also reduces power consumption by an impressive 60%, ensuring stable and reliable operation in critical scenarios such as transportation and mobile applications.

Measuring a mere 137 x 102.8 x 65.8 mm, the uIBX-260 is tailored for installations in confined spaces. It is an ideal choice for applications like IoT gateways, data acquisition, pre-processing, or data aggregation within control cabinets. The system’s flexibility extends to storage options, accommodating both M.2 NVMe SSD and 2.5-inch SATA SSD, offering users the freedom to choose based on their data storage requirements.

Equipped with dual 2.5GbE ports and Wi-Fi capability, the uIBX-260 ensures seamless connectivity for IoT devices, enabling efficient communication in factory automation, warehouse management, and transportation scenarios. Furthermore, the inclusion of an M.2 A-key slot allows users to enhance the system with Intel Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 technology, providing a cost-effective foundation for IoT applications without the need for separate gateways.

The uIBX-260’s fanless design not only makes it energy-efficient but also enhances reliability and durability. The absence of openings or vents makes it resistant to dust, dirt, and moisture, making it suitable for harsh environments. The optimized heatsink with a large surface area and a finned structure efficiently dissipates heat, preventing overheating, throttling, or damage to components.

In addition to its compact design and powerful features, the uIBX-260 is a rugged and reliable solution. With superior shock and vibration protection, it can withstand the harshest and most mobile environments and conditions, making it a robust choice for diverse industrial applications.

In conclusion, the uIBX-260-EHL from INOVIS Live Automation AG sets a new standard for compact, powerful, and reliable box PCs in the realm of Industrial IoT. Its cutting-edge features make it a versatile solution for various applications, offering unmatched performance, connectivity, and durability in a compact form factor.

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