Completion of commercial apprenticeship EFZ

Milot Idrizi’s successful completion of his apprenticeship is a cause for celebration and a true success story. During his apprenticeship, he proved that he has the necessary commitment, willingness to learn and talent to develop in a demanding environment such as the automation industry.

From apprenticeship to university – a promising future

Milot Idrizi has decided to study film production. We are pleased that he will remain with us as a part-time administration clerk at INOVIS medical AG. With his broad knowledge and skills, he will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to our INOVIS team.

Thanks to our training managers

Milot Idrizi’s successful completion of his apprenticeship is not only his own achievement, but also the result of the excellent training he received at INOVIS Live Automation AG. A big thank you is therefore due to our training supervisors, who have passed on their extensive knowledge and experience and accompany our apprentices on their way to success.

Summer holidays and a new start

We would like to congratulate our training officers on their great achievements and wish them a well-deserved time off during the summer holidays. After a short break, it’s back to business in August when we welcome a new learner and have the chance to nurture and support another talented school leaver.

Innovation, commitment and talent

At INOVIS Live Automation AG, innovation, commitment and talent are at the heart of our philosophy. Our apprenticeships are an important part of this philosophy, as we believe that nurturing young talent and developing our people is critical to our success.

Stay tuned

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