Efficient upgrades for construction machinery

Welcome to INOVIS Live Automation AG! We are pleased to announce that we currently have 100 pieces of Volvo kits in production. This exciting project allows us to produce customised kits for Volvo and make a valuable contribution to the modernisation of construction machinery around the world. Read more about one of our successful success stories where our Volvo kits have helped to increase the efficiency and performance of construction machinery.

Volvo Kits – Perfect solutions for 4G upgrade

The increasing penetration of 4G networks means that 3G connectivity is already being phased out in many countries. Upgrades to 4G networks are required to keep construction equipment up to date and ensure reliable data communications. Our Volvo kits provide the ideal solution for this upgrade, as they are specifically designed for easy and efficient upgrading to 4G.

High quality production – hundreds of kits for Volvo.

Our experienced production team has risen to the challenge and has been privileged to produce several hundred kits for Volvo. We place great emphasis on quality and precision to ensure that every component functions optimally and meets the highest standards. The close cooperation with Volvo enables us to tailor the kits to the needs of the construction machines.

Global use – Volvo kits on job sites worldwide

The benefits of Volvo kits extend far beyond national borders. Our upgrades to 4G connectivity are used by construction equipment operators around the world to enhance the performance of their machines and improve the efficiency of their operations. From urban construction sites to remote areas, our Volvo kits are the key to reliable and smooth communications.

Innovative technology – future-proof and reliable

Our Volvo kits are based on innovative technology that not only enables the 4G upgrade, but is also future-proof. We rely on robust components and durable construction that can withstand the demanding conditions on construction sites. With these upgrades, construction machines are well equipped to work efficiently in the ever-changing technology landscape.

Contact us for more information

If you would like to learn more about our Volvo kits and other customised solutions, we’re here to help. Contact us to learn how we can bring your construction equipment up to date and increase your operational efficiency.

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Together we are shaping the future of construction equipment operation with advanced Volvo kits!

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