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In today’s fast-paced world, managing assets efficiently and effectively is paramount for businesses across various industries. Whether it’s tracking tools, equipment, or mobile objects, having real-time visibility is essential for optimizing operations and ensuring productivity. Discover TELTONIKA’s Eye Sensor devices available at INOVIS, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize asset management with precision, reliability, and versatility.

At the forefront of this innovative technology are three distinct types of Eye Sensor devices, each tailored to specific needs and environments:

  1. Standard Eye Sensor: This Bluetooth® ID Sensor is the cornerstone of asset tracking, offering a seamless solution to monitor assets in any setting. With its compact design and robust functionality, the Standard Eye Beacon provides accurate location data, enabling businesses to keep a close eye on their valuable resources with ease.
  2. ATEX Eye Sensor: Operating in hazardous environments presents unique challenges, but the ATEX Eye Sensor rises to the occasion. Built to withstand extreme conditions, this specialized beacon ensures reliable asset tracking even in potentially explosive atmospheres. Its rugged construction and adherence to ATEX standards make it an indispensable tool for industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, and mining.
  3. EN12830 Eye Sensor: Temperature-sensitive assets demand meticulous monitoring to maintain product integrity and safety. The EN12830 Eye Sensor combines Bluetooth® technology with temperature sensing capabilities, certified to EN12830 standards for cold-chain solutions. Whether it’s pharmaceuticals, perishable goods, or sensitive medical equipment, this beacon provides invaluable insights into temperature variations, ensuring compliance and quality control.

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The applications of Eye Sensor devices extend across a diverse range of industries and use cases, including:

  • Tool Tracking: Keep tabs on valuable tools and equipment, reducing loss and streamlining inventory management.
  • RSSI Indoor Tracking: Navigate indoor spaces with precision, optimizing workflows and resource allocation.
  • Equipment Tracking: Monitor the whereabouts of machinery and assets, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.
  • Mobile Objects Tracking: Track moving assets in real-time, facilitating logistics and supply chain management.
  • Medical Equipment Tracking: Ensure the availability and maintenance of critical medical equipment, enhancing patient care and operational efficiency.
  • Smart Agriculture and Manufacturing: Improve agricultural practices and manufacturing processes with data-driven insights, increasing productivity and sustainability.

By harnessing the power of Eye Sensor technology, businesses can unlock new opportunities for growth, innovation, and operational excellence. With TELTONIKA’s INOVIS Eye Sensor devices, the future of asset management is within reach.

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