Final video of the hand disinfection stand

We are proud to introduce our latest pinnacle of hygiene innovation – the Hand Sanitizing Stand with Screen. This revolutionary product combines functionality, technology and safety to meet the needs of your business and your customers. Finally, the video is online to show you all the outstanding features of our hand disinfection stand!

Information display and Full HD – Present your message impressively!

Our hand disinfection stand is equipped with a high-resolution 21.5-inch screen that serves as an information display. Present your message, advertising or important health information in brilliant quality. This smart addition creates an additional level of communication and encourages interaction with your customers.

Touchless disinfection and body temperature gauge – hygiene and safety first!

The health and safety of your customers and staff are paramount. Our hand disinfection stand enables touchless disinfection, which reduces the risk of cross-contamination. At the same time, the device has a body temperature gauge that enables a quick and reliable check of body temperature. This allows you to identify potential health risks at an early stage and take appropriate action.

Flexible and space-saving – wall mount or floor stand

Our hand sanitiser stand is extremely flexible and adapts to the circumstances of your company. You have the choice between a practical wall mount or a sturdy floor stand, depending on what suits your premises better. This saves you valuable space and integrates the stand seamlessly into your environment.

Generous 1-litre tank for disinfectant gel and lockable housing

So you don’t have to worry about frequent refills, our hand disinfection stand has a generous 1-litre tank for disinfectant gel. This makes it particularly low-maintenance and ready for use for a long time. In addition, the housing is lockable to prevent unauthorised access to the disinfectant gel and to provide additional security.

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Take the chance to raise your hygienic measures to a new level and professionally equip your company with the hand disinfection stand with screen from INOVIS Live Automation AG!

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