In-Vehicle PC’s

INOVIS Live Automation AG has excelled in implementing innovative projects within the realm of in-vehicle computing. Our tailored on-board PC’s are pivotal in bolstering the capabilities of rescue services, enhancing their efficacy in location tracking, communication, and operational efficiency. Beyond emergency vehicles, we extend our expertise to buses and trams, catering to the burgeoning demands of this evolving vertical market. Much like our renowned train computers, certified under EN50155, our in-vehicle computers adhere to specific standards such as E-Mark and Bus EMC in accordance with Directive 2009/28/EC, often supplemented with EN50155 certification for added assurance.

Empowering functionalities characterize our industrial PC’s for vehicles, meticulously crafted to facilitate seamless driver control and communication. These systems offer a diverse array of capabilities including management of exterior and interior displays, scheduled passenger and emergency announcements, ticket printing, and real-time communication with control centers, among others. Equipped with GPS featuring dead reckoning functionality, our vehicle PC’s ensure precise location tracking even in challenging environments like tunnels or areas lacking satellite coverage.

INOVIS Live Automation AG takes pride in its comprehensive suite of in-vehicle computing solutions. Alongside the precise specification and punctual delivery of highly specialized on-board PC’s, we offer a diverse portfolio encompassing top-tier exterior displays, cutting-edge passenger information systems, and exceptionally robust tablets tailored exclusively for emergency services. Our versatile tablets seamlessly integrate into vehicles while offering unmatched portability, facilitating swift incident evaluation in the field.

Expect cost-effective solutions tailored to your project’s needs when engaging with us. We eagerly await the opportunity to collaborate, leveraging our expertise to develop bespoke, efficient solutions for your in-vehicle computing endeavors. Our seasoned team stands ready to translate your vision into reality, optimizing your vehicle’s efficiency and communication networks. Reach out to INOVIS Live Automation AG today and tap into our extensive experience in automation technology and the production of high-caliber industrial PC’s for vehicle applications. Let us navigate your project to success together.

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