In 2001, the second of a total of eight companies belonging to INOVIS Group AG was founded. The need for direct contact with suppliers in Taiwan became greater and the desire to have employees on site who could communicate with the manufacturers in the respective language in the same time zone became a MUST HAVE. In recent years, this location in Taipei has become a firm cornerstone of the group and, in addition to local incoming inspection, investments have been made in a production facility with a clean room for touchscreen assembly.

These indispensable advantages have made INOVIS a global player. INOVIS Taiwan serves customers worldwide and provides comprehensive service and repair & engineering services throughout the Asia-Pacific region and as far as Australia. With ISO 9001, CE, CCC, BIS, EAC and UL certifications, international customers and business groups on all five continents can be served.

In summary, INOVIS Taiwan plays an essential role for the group especially in supply chain, project management, production, warehousing, engineering as well as quality control. Today’s communication facilities via audio and video ensure a direct and fast flow of information as well as the resulting efficiency.

With many years of consistency and extensive experience, INOVIS Taiwan has reached a significant milestone. It just celebrated its 20th anniversary. This outstanding success underlines the stability and expertise of the company and contributes significantly to the satisfaction of our customers, which is invaluable today.

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