Modular Panel PCs

In the world of industrial automation, innovation and efficiency are key words that make the difference between success and stagnation. INOVIS Live Automation AG is at the forefront when it comes to distributing groundbreaking solutions that optimize production processes and increase competitiveness. One of these groundbreaking concepts, which is becoming increasingly important, is modular panel PCs.

What is a panel PC?

Before we venture into the world of modular panel PCs, it’s important to first understand what a panel PC even is. A Panel PC is basically an all-in-one computer system that consists of an integrated screen (monitor) and computer (BoxPC). This compact device combines the advantages of a touchscreen monitor with the powerful features of a PC. Panel PCs are used in a variety of industries, from factory automation to food processing to medical technology.

Monitor + BoxPC = Panel PC

The combination of a monitor and a BoxPC to form a Panel PC is an intelligent fusion of hardware and functionality. The integration of these two components makes it possible to display information on the screen while simultaneously performing the necessary calculations and controls in real time. This seamless interaction offers numerous advantages, especially when it comes to industrial automation requirements.

Advantages of a modular system

With modular panel PCs, INOVIS Live Automation AG relies on a forward-looking concept that perfectly meets the requirements of modern industrial automation. Here are some of the relevant advantages of this system:

  1. Space saving: the combination of monitor and BoxPC saves valuable space in industrial environments where space is often limited. This is especially beneficial in factories and production facilities.
  2. Ease of installation: A modular system means easier installation and cabling. This results in shorter downtimes and faster commissioning.
  3. Flexibility: The modular design allows both the monitor and the computer to be upgraded or replaced independently. This keeps the system up to date with the latest technology without having to replace the entire unit.
  4. Cost efficiency: the ability to maintain and upgrade components separately results in greater cost efficiency over the life of the system.
  5. Adaptability: Panel PCs are available in different sizes and configurations to meet the specific needs of different applications.
  6. Reliability: The tight integration of the monitor and BoxPC reduces the likelihood of connectivity issues, increasing the overall reliability of the system.

Overall, modular panel PCs are a prime example of INOVIS Live Automation AG’s innovative strength. This concept combines advanced technology with the practical needs of industrial automation, creating a solution that is beneficial in many ways.

In a constantly evolving industrial world where efficiency and performance set the tone, modular panel PCs offer a promising way forward.

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