New apprentices at INOVIS Live Automation AG

Welcome, Ilona Zueger! We are pleased that on 15 August 2022 our new apprentice has started her apprenticeship as a businesswoman EFZ at INOVIS Live Automation AG. With enthusiasm and commitment, we are starting an exciting and successful training period together, in order to complete her basic training as a successful and competent specialist.

A new era begins

For Ilona Zueger, the start of her apprenticeship at INOVIS Live Automation AG means the beginning of an exciting new era. As a renowned company in the automation industry, we are proud to promote and support young talent. In the coming years, Ilona will have the opportunity to immerse herself in various areas of our diverse corporate world and gain valuable experience.

Together for success

At INOVIS Live Automation AG we attach great importance to a positive and supportive working environment for our trainees. Together we will accompany Ilona on her way and support her in reaching her set goals. With a dedicated training team and a broad range of expertise, we are confident that Ilona will become a successful and competent professional.

Joy of learning and challenges

We wish Ilona Zueger a great start in her professional life and a lot of joy in learning during her apprenticeship. An apprenticeship brings challenges, but also valuable opportunities for personal and professional development. We are confident that Ilona will master these challenges with flying colours and that we can accompany her on her way.

A promising future

The automation industry is characterised by innovation and constant progress. As a prospective commercial clerk EFZ at INOVIS Live Automation AG, Ilona Zueger is facing a promising future. She will have the opportunity to develop further in a dynamic environment and actively participate in shaping the future.

Congratulations, Ilona!

We would like to warmly congratulate Ilona Zueger on her decision to begin her training at INOVIS Live Automation AG. We are proud to welcome her to our team and look forward to a successful and exciting training period!

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