Panel Mount for Panel PC’s with INOVIS

In the ever-evolving world of industrial computing, the integration of Panel PC’s has become a staple for various applications. Whether it’s for manufacturing processes, control systems, or interactive kiosks, Panel PCs provide robust solutions tailored to specific needs. A crucial aspect of deploying these devices efficiently and securely is the panel mount option, a feature offered extensively by INOVIS through our diverse range of international suppliers. Let’s delve into what panel mount for Panel PC’s entails and how it is implemented.

What is Panel Mount for Panel PC’s?

Panel mount refers to a method of installation where a Panel PC is mounted directly into a surface, such as a control panel, wall, or machine enclosure. This type of installation is particularly valued in industrial and commercial settings due to its clean and integrated look, providing a seamless interface for users.

The primary goal of panel mounting is to ensure that the front panel of the PC is flush with the surrounding surface, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits. It protects the PC from environmental hazards such as dust and moisture while allowing for easy interaction with the touch screen or display.

How is Panel Mounting Done?

The process of panel mounting involves several key steps to ensure a secure and reliable installation:

  • Cutout Preparation: The first step is to prepare the mounting surface. This involves cutting a hole in the panel where the Panel PC will be installed. The dimensions of the cutout must precisely match the mounting requirements of the specific Panel PC model to ensure a snug fit.
  • Mounting Brackets and Clamps: Once the cutout is prepared, mounting brackets or clamps are used to secure the Panel PC in place. These brackets are designed to hold the device firmly against the surface, preventing any movement or vibration that could disrupt operation.
  • Sealing and Gasket Installation: To protect against environmental factors, a gasket is often placed between the Panel PC and the mounting surface. This gasket acts as a seal, preventing dust, water, and other contaminants from entering the enclosure and affecting the internal components.
  • Electrical Connections: After the Panel PC is securely mounted, electrical connections are made. This includes connecting power, data, and any peripheral devices. It’s essential to ensure all connections are secure and properly insulated to avoid any electrical hazards.
  • Final Adjustments and Testing: The final step involves making any necessary adjustments to ensure the Panel PC is properly aligned and operational. This includes testing the display, touch functionality, and other features to confirm they are working as intended.

Why Choose INOVIS for Panel Mount Panel PC’s?

At INOVIS WebShop, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of Panel PC’s from leading international suppliers. Our selection caters to every need, whether you require a ruggedized solution for harsh environments or a sleek, high-performance PC for a more controlled setting. Each of our Panel PC’s can be equipped with panel mount options, providing flexibility and reliability for your specific application.

By choosing INOVIS, you gain access to not only top-tier products but also expert guidance and support throughout the installation process. Our team ensures that your Panel PC setup is efficient, secure, and tailored to your operational requirements.

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