Panel PCs with IP69K protection class

INOVIS Live Automation AG proudly presents its impressive IP 69K Panel PC portfolio, specifically designed to meet even the toughest industrial requirements. These powerful solutions offer you the highest level of protection, ease of use and optimal performance for a wide range of applications. Discover the many advantages of IP 69K Panel PCs and their optimal use in various markets.

Highest protection class IP69K – water- and dust-tight

Our IP 69K Panel PC’s have been certified to the highest protection class IP69K, which means that they are protected against the ingress of water at high pressure. This makes them ideal for use in environments where intensive cleaning with high-pressure jets is required, such as in the food industry, packaging, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as in the catering sector.

Easy installation and handling

The Panel PC’s with stainless steel housing are extremely easy to install and operate. Their robust construction ensures reliable performance even under demanding conditions. With their fanless design, they also ensure low-noise operation as they do not require a fan, thus reducing maintenance.

Certifications for highest safety

Our IP 69K Panel PCs have FCC Class A and CE certifications, guaranteeing the highest safety standards and enabling smooth integration into industrial environments.

Optimally suited for different markets

INOVIS’ IP 69K Panel PC’s are optimally suited for a variety of industries and markets. Here are some examples:

Food industry: Perfect for meat processing, beverage industry and food production where strict hygiene standards and regular cleaning are required.
Packaging industry: Suitable for filling, packaging and labelling where robust and reliable solutions are required.
Pharmaceutical & Chemical: Ideal choice for laboratories, filling and research areas that require precise and reliable equipment.
Hospitality: Optimal for counter service, commercial kitchens and the hospitality industry where long-lasting performance and ease of use are critical.

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Visit our webshop and discover our diverse selection of high quality IP 69K Panel PCs with stainless steel enclosures. Our products are designed to meet your industrial requirements while ensuring high durability and performance. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We look forward to providing you with the best solutions for your specific applications!

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