Efficient mounting of Panel PC’s with the YOKE mount

In today’s industry, technological advances play a decisive role in the optimisation of production processes. Panel PC’s have established themselves as indispensable tools for capturing data in real time, controlling machines and monitoring the production process. However, in order to utilise the full functionality and convenience of these devices, correct mounting is crucial. This is where the YOKE mount comes into play – a proven solution for mounting panel PC’s, which is also supported by INOVIS in its product portfolio.

What is a YOKE mount?
The YOKE mount is a special bracket designed for mounting Panel PC’s in various locations within an industrial environment. This mount offers a robust and flexible way to install Panel PC’s so that they are optimally accessible and operable. The design of the YOKE mount allows the Panel PC to be mounted at different angles and positions to suit individual requirements and space constraints.

Advantages of the YOKE mount
Flexible positioning: The YOKE mount enables flexible positioning of the Panel PC. It can be attached to walls as well as to machines or other structures. This ensures that the Panel PC is always mounted in an ergonomically favourable position, which increases operability and comfort.

Robust construction: The bracket is made of high-quality materials that can withstand the harsh conditions in industrial environments. This guarantees a long service life and reliability.

Easy installation and maintenance: The YOKE mount is designed to be easy to install and maintain. This saves valuable time and costs during installation and any maintenance work. The ease of use also makes it easier to adjust the position of the Panel PC when necessary.

Space-saving: The compact design of the YOKE mount makes optimum use of the available space. This is particularly important in environments where space is a valuable commodity. The Panel PC can be securely mounted without taking up unnecessary space.

INOVIS and the YOKE mount
INOVIS has recognised that the YOKE mount is an effective solution for mounting Panel PC’s and therefore offers Panel PC’s with the YOKE mount option. This allows customers to utilise the benefits of the YOKE mount in combination with INOVIS’ high performance Panel PC’s. This integration ensures that the Panel PC’s are optimally positioned and meet the highest requirements in industrial environments.

Difference between swing arm and YOKE mount
Another important aspect when mounting Panel PC’s is choosing the right mount. Two options are often considered here: the swing arm and the YOKE mount.

Swing Arm: The Swing Arm offers a very flexible mounting solution that allows the Panel PC to be moved in almost any direction. This type of mount is ideal for applications where the Panel PC needs to be repositioned regularly to accommodate different operators or workstations. The Swing Arm allows great freedom of movement and thus facilitates the handling of the Panel PC.

YOKE mount: In contrast, the YOKE mount offers a more stable and firmer attachment. It is ideal for applications where the Panel PC is installed once and only needs to be repositioned occasionally. The YOKE mount ensures a more secure attachment and is often more space-saving as it requires less room for movement.

The choice between Swing Arm and YOKE-Mount depends on the specific requirements of the application. While the Swing Arm offers more flexibility, the YOKE Mount scores points for stability and compactness.

Areas of application
The YOKE mount is versatile and suitable for various industrial applications. Whether in production, automation technology or quality control – wherever panel PC’s are used, the YOKE mount offers an ideal mounting solution. Thanks to the flexibility and robustness of the mount, it can be integrated into almost any workstation to meet specific requirements.

Overall, the YOKE mount offers an innovative and practical solution for mounting panel PC’s in industrial environments. The combination of flexibility, robust construction, ease of installation and space saving makes the YOKE-Mount an excellent choice for organisations looking to streamline their production processes.

By choosing INOVIS Panel PC’s with the YOKE-Mount option, companies can ensure that they receive a high-quality and proven mounting solution that increases ease of use and boosts productivity. Investing in the YOKE mount is therefore not only a choice for a practical mount, but also a contribution to improving the organisation’s workflow and overall performance.

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