SESC and CESC Competences of INOVIS Live Automation AG

SESC and CESC Competences of INOVIS Live Automation AG

INOVIS Live Automation AG is a leading entity renowned for its advanced competences in Standard Embedded Systems & Components (SESC) and Customized Embedded Systems & Components (CESC).

SESC, or Standard Embedded Systems & Components, serves as the bedrock of INOVIS Live Automation automation capabilities. This category presents a versatile array of hardware solutions meticulously crafted to meet the standard requirements of various applications. Panel PC’s, with their interactive touchscreens and compact design, prove invaluable for control and monitoring systems. Meanwhile, Box PC’s deliver robust computing power within a space-efficient form factor, making them ideal for applications where size is a critical consideration. The SESC lineup is further enriched with Tablets, Switches, Modems and Trackers, ensuring a holistic spectrum of components to cater to diverse automation needs.

On the other side, CESC, or Customized Embedded Systems & Components, underscores INOVIS Live Automation commitment to providing tailored solutions that align with the unique needs of its clients. This category transcends off-the-shelf products by offering bespoke solutions, including custom Embedded Boards, Projects, Computer Components, and Servers. This level of customization empowers businesses to implement automation solutions that seamlessly integrate with their specific workflows, thereby optimizing efficiency and functionality.

The versatility demonstrated by INOVIS Live Automation competences in both SESC and CESC positions it as a reliable catalyst for innovation in automation. Whether businesses require standardized components for common applications or bespoke solutions for niche requirements, INOVIS Live Automation comprehensive portfolio caters to diverse needs.

In conclusion, the competences of INOVIS Live Automation in SESC and CESC open new avenues for businesses aiming to enhance efficiency and innovation through automation. By offering a rich spectrum of standardized and customized solutions, INOVIS Live Automation stands as a reliable partner in the journey towards increased efficiency, productivity, and innovation in the realm of automation.

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