100 Volvo kits on their way to the USA

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully palletised nearly 100 Volvo kits in our logistics and made them ready for shipment. These innovative kits are ready to be deployed on construction equipment in the US, utilising the latest 4G technology. Learn more about one of our successful Success Stories where our Volvo kits have helped take construction equipment efficiency and performance to a new level.

Upgrade to 4G for reliable connectivity

With 3G connectivity being phased out in many countries, construction equipment operators need to upgrade to the new 4G technology. Our Volvo kits provide the ideal solution for this upgrade, transmitting vital machine data to the cloud. The connectivity provided makes it possible to transmit and analyse important geodata via the HMI (Co-Pilot System) on the machine. In addition, the kits enable easy use and monitoring of the data from anywhere.

The Internet of Things (IoT) in action

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is revolutionising the way physical objects are connected to the virtual world. Our Volvo kits are an impressive example of the application of IoT in industry. They make it quick and easy to collect machine data, access it from anywhere and even control the machines remotely. This seamless connection of physical objects with the virtual world opens up completely new possibilities for automation and efficiency in the construction machinery industry.

Future-proof and powerful

Our Volvo kits represent a future-proof and powerful solution for the construction equipment industry. By upgrading to 4G technology, the machines are well equipped to meet demanding requirements and ensure smooth operation. The ease of use and the possibility of remote control make the kits an indispensable tool for construction machinery operators.

Innovative possibilities with INOVIS

Thanks to our many years of experience and our passion for technology, we at INOVIS are proud to develop innovative solutions like the Volvo kits and offer our customers forward-looking products. The Internet of Things opens up a multitude of opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve safety. At INOVIS, we are here to provide you with our knowledge and expertise to meet your individual needs and support you on the road to digital transformation.

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