Mikrotik Certified Sales Associate

INOVIS Live Automation has successfully passed the MikroTik certificate MTCSA (MikroTik Certified Sales Associate). This certification is an important milestone and underlines our competence in the field of MikroTik network technology.

The MTCSA certificate confirms that our employees have comprehensive knowledge and skills in handling MikroTik routers and switches as well as their configuration and administration. We have intensively studied the basic concepts and functions of MikroTik networks and are now able to offer first-class support and high-quality solutions for our customers.

The successful certification as an MTCSA partner enables us to exploit the full potential of MikroTik technology. We can provide our customers with optimal advice and help them build efficient, reliable and secure network environments. Our expertise includes the configuration of routing protocols, network addressing, VLANs, firewall rules and much more.

With the MTCSA certificate, we can support our customers in the planning, implementation and maintenance of MikroTik networks. We strive to develop individual solutions that meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our extensive experience and knowledge enable us to design and implement customised network architectures that ensure optimal performance and security.

Successful MTCSA certification is a sign of our commitment to continuous learning and development. We stay on top of the latest MikroTik technology and invest in training and educational resources to provide the best possible support to our customers.

As a proud holder of the MTCSA certification, we look forward to using our expertise and knowledge of MikroTik network technology to provide our customers with world-class service and solutions. We remain committed to evolving in this field and providing innovative and reliable networking options.

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