Official Swiss TELTONIKA Platin Partner

INOVIS Live Automation - Your trusted TELTONIKA Platinum Partner for innovative solutions

INOVIS Live Automation is an official Swiss TELTONIKA Platinum Partner. This partnership is significant for our company and underlines our expertise and commitment to innovative solutions in the field of wireless connectivity.

As a TELTONIKA Platinum Partner, we have access to the latest technologies and products from TELTONIKA, a renowned manufacturer of wireless communication solutions. This partnership enables us to offer our customers a wide range of powerful and reliable devices and solutions to meet their needs.

Our collaboration with TELTONIKA enables us to offer tailor-made solutions for various industries, be it fleet management, industrial automation, IoT (Internet of Things) or other applications that require reliable and secure wireless connectivity.

As a TELTONIKA Platinum Partner, we have access to specialised technical expertise and support to best advise and assist our customers in the implementation of TELTONIKA products. We can develop comprehensive solutions tailored to our customers’ individual requirements, helping them to optimise their business processes and increase their efficiency.

The partnership with TELTONIKA is further proof of our continuous effort to provide our customers with high quality and innovative solutions. We are proud to be recognised as an official Swiss TELTONIKA Platinum Partner and look forward to delivering best-in-class wireless connectivity solutions to our customers.

Working with TELTONIKA allows us to take advantage of the latest wireless technologies and provide our customers with solutions that help them create connected environments and achieve their business goals. We are committed to building on our reputation as a reliable and innovative partner, providing our customers with excellent service and high-quality products.

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