Gastronomy and supply chain

Where pop-up events take place and cash registers and point of sales equipment are required, they need to be connected to software and hardware to coordinate menu publishing, electronic ordering, interface with gastronomy and supply chain ERP systems and inventory. This is exactly where INOVIS ...


Digital signage

INOVIS Live Automation AG is a leading specialist in outdoor and semi-outdoor digital signage. Our collaboration with transport companies enables the provision of real-time passenger information displays in the most challenging conditions. Our displays are designed to operate reliably in extrem...


Energy and Maritime

INOVIS Live Automation AG is fully committed to initiatives to reduce global emissions. At a time when clean and environmentally friendly energy generation is becoming increasingly important, the demand for energy is also continuously increasing worldwide. It is therefore crucial to apply analy...


In-Vehicle PCs

INOVIS Live Automation AG has successfully implemented exciting projects in the field of in-vehicle computing. Our customised on-board PCs support rescue services and improve their location tracking, communication and efficiency. We not only cover emergency vehicles, but also offer solutions fo...


Franchise company

Franchises where menus and products are set and systematic are early adopters of technology to help automate and reduce operational costs. The ability to link menu creation and ordering to back-end systems and report on purchases and trends by product and time is invaluable to the franchise. Pr...


Hotel and accommodation

Welcome to the world of modern technology for hotels, guesthouses and serviced flats! At INOVIS Live Automation AG you will find comprehensive technology solutions that take the guest experience to a new level. From innovative welcome kiosks and automated check-in stations to discreet digital s...


Industrial automation

Welcome to the era of the Smart Factory! INOVIS Live Automation AG has introduced the groundbreaking Smart Factory concept together with our partners and suppliers. The increasing importance of robotic process automation and cobots is revolutionising the manufacturing industry and brings new ch...


Food processing

Switzerland and Ireland have a global reputation for high-quality food products such as chocolate, cheese, oysters and pastured beef. However, to be successful in the competitive food industry, sophisticated technology solutions are required. INOVIS Live Automation AG is your reliable partner f...



In the dynamic world of logistics, precise inventory management, a high turnover of goods and a continuous increase in efficiency are crucial in order to remain competitive. INOVIS Live Automation AG is your reliable partner to help you achieve these goals around the clock. Our state-of-the-art...


Medical technology

Medical technology is a demanding and sensitive field that places the highest demands on technological equipment. INOVIS Live Automation AG has many years of experience in the field of medical computing and is your reliable partner for high-quality and specialised solutions in medical technolog...


Exhibitions and events

INOVIS Live Automation AG offers first-class panel PCs specially designed for use at exhibitions and events. Our powerful devices meet the demanding requirements of exhibitions, conferences, trade fairs and other events. Reliable technology for exhibitions and events Our panel PCs are characteris...



In modern rail transport, computers play a central role in ensuring smooth and efficient operation. INOVIS Live Automation AG offers specially certified EN50155 computers that perform the most important tasks in rail transport. From train control and communication between the driver and the con...

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