Digital signage

INOVIS Live Automation AG is a leading specialist in outdoor and semi-outdoor digital signage. Our collaboration with transport companies enables the provision of real-time passenger information displays in the most challenging conditions. Our displays are designed to operate reliably in extreme temperatures from -40⁰C to +55⁰C and meet the highest standards for electronic components. With sizes ranging from 32 inches to 86 inches, we offer displays in different variants that can be standard or fully customised and passive or HVAC air-conditioned, depending on customer requirements and environment. As networked IIOT devices, all our digital signage solutions can be conveniently controlled and monitored remotely.

Areas of application for our digital signage solutions

Our versatile kiosks or totems are mainly used to display passenger information in public transport. In addition, many operators also use them intensively for advertising purposes to increase passenger frequency. However, these kiosks are not limited to transport scenarios. We also use them successfully in busy pedestrian areas such as shopping centres, cooperatives and urban areas with high traffic volumes. For operators working with digital advertising agencies, our kiosks are true revenue-generating machines, so the ability to provide detailed analytics and proof of advertising shown is critical. Downtime is not an option in these scenarios as it could negatively impact the business model.

Future-oriented technologies for customised solutions

To provide operators with even more options, we already use cameras in our kiosks today, even if they are not actively used at the moment. The future option to enable applications such as crowd counting, facial recognition and demographic profiling will become increasingly important to better target advertising and information and enable improved audience analysis.

Comprehensive offering for indoor digital signage

Although INOVIS specialises in outdoor and semi-outdoor, we also offer a wide range of options for indoor digital signage. Our team works closely with manufacturers in Asia to meet specific customer specifications and provide the best solutions for the price-sensitive indoor market.

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