Energy and Maritime

INOVIS Live Automation AG is fully committed to initiatives to reduce global emissions. At a time when clean and environmentally friendly energy generation is becoming increasingly important, the demand for energy is also continuously increasing worldwide. It is therefore crucial to apply analytics and business intelligence to energy operators to improve the yield of wind turbines, refineries and coal-fired power plants alike. This is where INOVIS comes in, supporting the industry with high-quality industrial computers that are ready for use in the toughest working conditions. Our solutions enable data collection and analysis, proactive maintenance and maximum agility in a competitive business landscape.

Rugged industrial computers for demanding applications

Especially in maritime applications, rugged computers are in demand. For this purpose, INOVIS offers a selection of stainless steel industrial computers that withstand the high stresses on ships with constant exposure to salt. These computers not only prove themselves in the maritime sector, but are also widely used in the food industry, where regular cleaning with hot water nozzles is common. The specially used M12 connectors ensure watertightness and protect against corrosion.

Industrial computers and mobile tablets for a wide range of industries

Industrial computers are at the heart of many industries today, including the energy and maritime industries. Similarly, rugged mobile tablets, often equipped with specialised I/O and positioning systems, are essential for field use. Here, INOVIS has established a reputation as a reliable supplier. In addition, robust IIoT gateways are playing an increasingly important role when it comes to the efficient transmission of data.

Your individual solution from INOVIS Live Automation AG

Do you have a project and need the right solution? Our experts are available to discuss your application and recommend the right technology for your company. With years of experience and a wide range of customised solutions, INOVIS is your reliable partner for industrial computing and green energy technologies. Contact us today and let’s work together to realise your vision.

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