Franchise company

Franchises where menus and products are set and systematic are early adopters of technology to help automate and reduce operational costs. The ability to link menu creation and ordering to back-end systems and report on purchases and trends by product and time is invaluable to the franchise. Providing business intelligence to support dynamic menu creation and publishing to match customer frequency results in encouraging sales increases.

INOVIS hardware – customised design

Our first foray into hospitality and retail was working with restaurant chains to modernise their menu systems to enable electronic ordering at the bedside. INOVIS designed the mechanical enclosure from scratch and designed the industrial PC for the electronic meal ordering software.

Now INOVIS has extensive experience in this industry and a very wide range of solutions, whether the project uses standard solutions or requires a customised solution from scratch, we will be happy to advise you.

INOVIS Live Automation AG offers a wide range of solutions for your catering business:

  1. Concierge kiosks – More than just ordering: our concierge kiosks not only offer digital ordering options, but are also equipped with temperature control and hand disinfection functions to ensure the safety of your guests.
  2. E-menu – Innovative and Interactive: Discover our e-menus – digital devices placed at the table to provide a unique ordering and payment experience for your guests.
  3. Ruggedised handheld devices – Reliable companions for your staff: Our ruggedised handheld devices support your servers in efficient order and service management, even in demanding environments.
  4. Cash registers with industrial displays – More flexibility for your business: Our POS solutions feature high-quality industrial displays on both the operator and customer sides. Customer apps can be customised and integrated into loyalty programmes. Label printing enables professional receipt output.
  5. Industrial panel PCs for kitchen professionals: With our industrial panel PCs, your chefs always keep track of e-menu orders to ensure smooth kitchen operations.
  6. Time and attendance modules for efficient staff management: Our easy-to-use time and attendance modules support you in optimally managing your staff.

Our cloud-based system ensures the security and robustness of data in the cloud, but with the added assurance of local survivability built into the system. Once connectivity is restored, data is synchronised with the cloud and your business can continue unaffected in the meantime.

Our range of business software is modular and includes everything from cash registers to order taking, kitchen stations to time and attendance. In the cloud, our applications include modules for materials management and inventory, shift scheduling, human resources, customer relationship management, booking system, delivery system and reporting on all transactions and modules available across the platform.

Submit a project request today and let’s get started.

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