Gastronomy and supply chain

Where pop-up events take place and cash registers and point of sales equipment are required, they need to be connected to software and hardware to coordinate menu publishing, electronic ordering, interface with gastronomy and supply chain ERP systems and inventory. This is exactly where INOVIS Live Automation AG comes in with its many years of expertise and close partnerships in the food industry.

INOVIS Hardware – customised design for the hospitality and retail industry

Our first foray into the hospitality and retail industry was working with restaurant chains who wanted to modernise their menu systems to allow for electronic ordering at the bedside. With this project, we developed the mechanical enclosure from scratch and designed the industrial PC to work in perfect harmony with the electronic meal ordering software.

Today, INOVIS Live Automation AG can draw on a wide range of solutions for the hospitality and retail industries, whether through standard solutions or customised projects. No matter which approach you choose, our experienced consultants are on hand to help you find the optimal solution for your requirements.

Our offer for you includes:

  1. Concierge kiosks with additional features: Our kiosks not only offer ordering facilities, but also have temperature control and hand sanitising features to ensure the safety of your customers.
  2. E-menu at the table: Digital devices at the table allow your guests to order and pay conveniently.
  3. Robust handheld devices for servers: Our handheld devices are rugged and reliable to withstand the demanding conditions of the hospitality industry.
  4. Cash registers with industrial displays: Our cash register solutions not only offer an attractive industrial display for operators and customers, but can also be customised to your specific requirements and seamlessly integrated with loyalty programmes and customer apps.
  5. E-menu ordering for the kitchen: Our industrial panel PCs allow chefs to view and check off e-menu orders directly on the screen to ensure smooth kitchen operations.
  6. Time and attendance modules for staff management: Our easy-to-use modules help you manage staff time and attendance efficiently.
    Security and flexibility with our cloud-based system

We know that security and flexibility are critical to your business. That’s why our cloud-based system ensures the security and robustness of your data. Even in the event of a temporary connectivity interruption, your business remains unaffected as data is automatically synchronised once connectivity is restored.

Comprehensive business software for your success

Our modular business software offers everything you need to keep your business running smoothly. From the cash register to order taking, kitchen station to time recording – INOVIS Live Automation AG offers solutions for every area. In the cloud, you also have modules for materials management, inventory, shift planning, human resources, customer relationship management, booking system, delivery system and reporting.

Start your project with INOVIS Live Automation AG

Do not hesitate and submit a project enquiry to INOVIS Live Automation AG today. Together we will turn your ideas and requirements into reality. Rely on our many years of experience and comprehensive expertise in the field of gastronomy and supply chain. We look forward to working with you on your success!

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