Hotel and accommodation

Welcome to the world of modern technology for hotels, guesthouses and serviced flats! At INOVIS Live Automation AG you will find comprehensive technology solutions that take the guest experience to a new level. From innovative welcome kiosks and automated check-in stations to discreet digital signage advertising local activities and electronic menus for convenient food ordering, INOVIS offers tailor-made solutions to ensure your guests have a memorable stay.

INOVIS hardware: Customised design for your hospitality business

Our first step into the world of hospitality and retail began with a collaboration with restaurant chains that wanted to modernise their menu systems to enable electronic ordering at the bedside. In this project, we designed the mechanical enclosure from scratch and developed the industrial PC specifically for the electronic food ordering software.

Today, INOVIS Live Automation AG has extensive experience in the industry and offers a wide range of solutions, including both standard solutions and customised projects. Our team is on hand to provide expert advice and help you select the best technology solutions for your business.

A comprehensive offering for the hotel and accommodation industry

Our offerings are diverse and tailored to the unique needs of your hospitality business:

  1. Concierge kiosks with integrated temperature control and hand sanitisation functions to ensure the safety of your guests.
  2. E-menu – Innovative tabletop digital devices that provide your guests with a convenient ordering and payment option.
  3. Ruggedised handheld devices for efficient operation and smooth service.
  4. Cash registers with industrial displays for both your staff and your guests. Customer apps can be customised to your requirements and integrated with loyalty programmes. With label printing for professional receipts.
  5. Industrial panel PCs for the kitchen that transmit e-menu orders to the chef and enable a smooth process.
  6. Simple time and attendance modules for effective staff management.

Cloud-based solutions for maximum security

Our cloud-based systems offer the highest levels of security and robustness for your data. At the same time, local survivability is built into the system so that your business continues to run smoothly even in the event of a temporary connectivity interruption.

Modular enterprise software for optimal efficiency

Our modular business software covers all the important areas from cash registers to order taking and kitchen stations to time recording. In the cloud, additional modules are available for materials management, inventory, shift planning, human resources, customer relationship management, booking system, delivery system and detailed reporting.

Submit a project request today

Experience the innovations of INOVIS Live Automation AG in the hotel and accommodation industry. Submit a project request today and together we will develop the customised technology solutions that will take your hospitality industry to the next level. Look forward to an outstanding guest experience and optimised business processing thanks to INOVIS Live Automation AG.

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