In-Vehicle PCs

INOVIS Live Automation AG has successfully implemented exciting projects in the field of in-vehicle computing. Our customised on-board PCs support rescue services and improve their location tracking, communication and efficiency. We not only cover emergency vehicles, but also offer solutions for buses and trams in this emerging vertical market. Similar to our proven train computers, which are EN50155 certified, our on-board computers for vehicles have specific certifications such as E-Mark and Bus EMC according to Directive 2009/28/EC. Often they are additionally EN50155 certified.

Powerful functions of the industrial PCs for vehicles

Our industrial PCs for vehicles are specially designed to enable driver control and communication efficiently. This provides drivers with a wide range of functions, including control of exterior and interior displays, scheduled passenger and emergency announcements, ticket printing, communication with the control room and much more. In addition, our vehicle PCs are equipped with GPS, which has a dead reckoning function. This technology enables precise location reporting, even when the vehicle is in tunnels or out of satellite range.

Comprehensive offering for in-vehicle computing

INOVIS Live Automation AG is proud to offer, in addition to the detailed specification and on-time delivery of highly specialised on-board PCs, a comprehensive portfolio of first-class exterior displays, state-of-the-art passenger information displays and extremely robust tablets exclusively for the emergency services. Our versatile tablets are not only effortlessly dockable in the vehicle, but also feature exceptional portability that enables unparalleled rapid evaluation of incidents in the field. Trust INOVIS, your reliable partner for innovative technologies in the field of automation and industrial PCs for a wide range of applications.

Cost-effective solutions for your project

We look forward to discussing your requirements and jointly developing a customised and cost-effective solution for your in-vehicle computing project. Our experienced team is available to make your vision a reality and optimise your in-vehicle efficiency and communication. Contact INOVIS Live Automation AG today and benefit from our many years of expertise in automation technology and the development of high-quality industrial PCs for use in vehicles. Let us lead your project to success together.

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