Industrial automation

Welcome to the era of the Smart Factory! INOVIS Live Automation AG has introduced the groundbreaking Smart Factory concept together with our partners and suppliers. The increasing importance of robotic process automation and cobots is revolutionising the manufacturing industry and brings new challenges as well as efficiency gains. The amount of digitised information has reached unprecedented levels, and the most advanced customers are using AI to make accurate decisions. Here, INOVIS provides the critical building blocks and solution approaches for optimal data acquisition from PLCs, SoftPLCs, sensors and actuators at the OT layer, as well as seamless connectivity to the IT layer for business intelligence extraction.

Increased efficiency thanks to enterprise war room deployments

Our Industrial Automation solutions enable breakthrough gains in production, uptime, cost reduction and efficiency. Data acquisition, intelligent sensor monitoring for temperature, humidity and radiation, control systems for robots, machine vision and predictive maintenance are just a few aspects we cover. We also offer cloud-based Big Data processing for predictive analytics for automation.

Tailor-made solutions for your automation needs

At INOVIS, we look at each project individually and take the time to understand your specific requirements in depth. Our customised solutions are the result of a comprehensive consulting phase in which we carefully analyse your application environment and identify the optimal approaches for your project. Our experienced team of experts identifies the critical areas where we can add value and selectively combines products and solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs. With INOVIS, you have a reliable partner at your side who will lead your project to success and realise your individual goals.

Experienced automation consultants at your side

Contact our experienced automation consultants today to discuss your project. We are ready to provide you with innovative technologies and proven solutions to revolutionise your manufacturing processes and increase your efficiency. Trust INOVIS Live Automation AG, your reliable partner for industrial automation solutions. Let us shape the future of production together!

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