Food processing

Switzerland and Ireland have a global reputation for high-quality food products such as chocolate, cheese, oysters and pastured beef. However, to be successful in the competitive food industry, sophisticated technology solutions are required. INOVIS Live Automation AG is your reliable partner for advanced computer systems and software systems that optimise and control every step of food processing.

Robust technology solutions for the food industry

From warehouse management to production and quality assurance, INOVIS offers state-of-the-art IP69K panel PCs that meet the most demanding requirements. These dust and waterproof stainless steel panel PCs provide real-time access directly on the processing floor and can be effortlessly cleaned with hot water jets. The fully gloved touch operation ensures hygienic and smooth operation in any environment.

Optimum performance under extreme conditions

Our industrial computers for food processing are designed for extreme temperatures from -30°C to +55°C and prove themselves even in deep-freeze and high-temperature environments. The intelligent design minimises dirt build-up, while high brightness ensures optimal readability in all conditions.

Confidence in industrial components and long-term partnership

INOVIS relies exclusively on industrial components with a service life of at least 5 years to protect your investment. In addition, we offer framework agreements where we stock spare parts and provide fast on-site service with SLA response to ensure your operational reliability.

Optimise your food processing with INOVIS

Discover INOVIS Live Automation AG’s comprehensive solutions for your food processing. From data acquisition to predictive maintenance and hygienic operation, we offer customised solutions tailored to your exact requirements. Contact us today and let our experienced consultants provide you with competent support. INOVIS – your partner for efficient and high-quality food processing.

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