In the dynamic world of logistics, precise inventory management, a high turnover of goods and a continuous increase in efficiency are crucial in order to remain competitive. INOVIS Live Automation AG is your reliable partner to help you achieve these goals around the clock. Our state-of-the-art industrial PCs are specially designed for the requirements in the logistics industry and offer a reliable and efficient solution for logistics companies and warehouse operations.

Robust industrial PCs for harsh operating conditions

Our industrial PCs are characterised by their robustness and are optimally suited for mobile data acquisition even under the toughest conditions. Whether in extreme temperatures from -30 °C to 55 °C or in harsh industrial environments – our PCs deliver outstanding performance and reliability. They can be easily operated even when wearing gloves, which increases working comfort and efficiency in logistical processes. INOVIS industrial PCs even meet military standards in terms of their vibration and shock resistance, which ensures their longevity and readiness for use.

Optimal data acquisition and networking

The integration of our industrial PCs into your logistics infrastructure is seamless and efficient. We equip forklifts and industrial trucks with our powerful PCs and offer the option of adding label printers and barcode scanners. Fast and secure data transmission via Wi-Fi or 4G LTE ensures that you have a real-time overview of your inventory and logistics processes. This allows you to react quickly to changes and optimise your operations. Our industrial PCs can be effortlessly wall-mounted and offer a variety of VESA mounting options to ensure flexibility in positioning.

Reliable data acquisition thanks to optional on-board UPS survivability

For added security of data collection, we offer optional on-board UPS survivability. This is particularly useful when starting and stopping vehicles or lifting loads into high racks. Our industrial PCs ensure uninterrupted data acquisition, making them ideal for use in logistics environments.

Your customised logistics solution

At INOVIS, we look at each project individually and offer customised solutions that are perfectly tailored to your logistics requirements. In the consulting phase, we are at your side to best understand and analyse your application environment. Based on this, we identify the areas where we can add value and select the ideal combination of industrial PCs and solutions for your project.

Submit a project request and optimise your logistics processes

Efficiency, precision and flexibility are the keys to success in the logistics industry. Rely on the modern industrial PCs from INOVIS Live Automation AG and increase the performance of your logistics company. Submit a project enquiry today and let us discuss your specifications. Together we will develop the perfect solution to optimise your logistics processes and increase your efficiency. INOVIS – your reliable partner for forward-looking logistics technology.

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