Medical technology

Medical technology is a demanding and sensitive field that places the highest demands on technological equipment. INOVIS Live Automation AG has many years of experience in the field of medical computing and is your reliable partner for high-quality and specialised solutions in medical technology.

Medical Computing – Reliable technology for the healthcare industry

Medical-grade computers are similar to industrial PCs in many ways. They feature a high ingress protection class and are fanless to prevent the spread of infections. Specific certifications according to the EN-60601 standard ensure that the medical computers meet the strict requirements of the medical industry. These computers are designed to withstand regular cleaning with high-grade chemicals in hospitals and I/O ports can be galvanically isolated to ensure safe use.

Versatile applications in medicine

INOVIS Medical Computers offer a wide range of applications in the medical industry. They can be used at the point-of-care in clinics or mounted on medical trolleys. They can also be used in the patient’s room or in the hospital corridor for clinical use. In some cases, the medical computers are mounted on articulated arms and allow patients to access electronic medical records. At the same time, they assist clinicians in a secure session with an integrated card reader for single sign-on.

Comprehensive range and customised solutions

INOVIS Live Automation AG offers a wide range of medical grade computers for various healthcare applications. INOVIS offers customised solutions for system integration as well as for use in general wards and operating theatres. INOVIS medical AG are dedicated medical companies of the INOVIS Group, specialised in the medical sector. In addition to high-quality medical grade computers, they also offer software solutions to support patients on their journey from care in the community to hospitalisation and community-based or home-based rehabilitation.

Experienced team of experts for your medical technology challenge

No matter what your medical technology technical challenge, INOVIS’ experienced team of experts is ready to advise and assist you without pressure. With decades of experience in medical technology, we are well equipped to complement your project team and develop custom solutions for your specific needs.

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INOVIS Live Automation AG is your trusted partner for world-class medical technology solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and master your next technical challenge together. We look forward to supporting you with your medical technology project.

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