In modern rail transport, computers play a central role in ensuring smooth and efficient operation. INOVIS Live Automation AG offers specially certified EN50155 computers that perform the most important tasks in rail transport. From train control and communication between the driver and the control centre to the functioning of doors and toilets, these robust computers ensure reliable performance in a demanding environment.

EN50155-certified computers for rail transport

EN50155 certification is critical for rail computers. It ensures protection against power surges and allows them to function properly for many years, even under constant shock and vibration. INOVIS works closely with specialised suppliers to deliver tailor-made computer solutions for this unique vertical market.

Applications and subcategories

INOVIS offers several specialised computer solutions for rail transport:

  1. CCTV Video Recorders (NVR) – These computers have removable and hot-swappable drives that allow quick access to CCTV footage. They are essential for rapid incident reporting and cooperation with authorities. EN50155 certification ensures the robustness and durability of these units.
  2. On-board Passenger Information System (PIS) – Specially certified industrial displays or panel PCs are used to provide digital signage and passenger information updates. High IP ratings and durability are essential for these devices as they must meet the demands of the transport sector.
  3. Computers for facial recognition and people counting – These applications require computers with enhanced edge processing capabilities and graphics cards to handle enormous amounts of data. INOVIS offers rugged computers that meet the requirements of COVID compliance applications.
  4. Driver Display Interface – EN50155 rated industrial panel PCs allow the driver to monitor and control the various systems. Depending on the integration with the control systems, these computers can include a variety of functions such as radio communication with the control centre, microphone for passenger communication, monitoring of train status and control of doors and lighting.

Your partner for reliable computer solutions in rail transport

INOVIS Live Automation AG is your reliable partner for high-quality computer solutions in rail transport. With our many years of experience and EN50155 certification, we offer reliable and powerful computers that meet the demanding requirements of rail transport. Contact us today and tell us about your project. Our experienced team will be on hand to advise you on the right computer solutions for your specific needs. Let’s shape the rail transport of the future together!

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