Connectivity solution for FELFEL, Zurich (CH)

Revolutionary office catering with reliable technology and partnership support

FELFEL was founded in 2013 and specialises in office catering throughout Switzerland. With a revolutionary approach, FELFEL is redesigning the traditional corporate break room, turning it into a place of culinary diversity and communal enjoyment. When FELFEL introduced its unique concept, the company faced a challenge: they needed a reliable internet connection to process payments and keep an eye on the status of the fridges and their stock levels.

This is an example of a Felfel refrigerator.

To ensure that their requirements were met, FELFEL decided to use TELTONIKA’s RUT955. The RUT955 is a powerful router that ensures a stable and secure Internet connection. With this router, FELFEL was able to smoothly process payments while monitoring the condition of the refrigerators in real time. This was crucial to ensure that FELFEL customers had access to fresh and healthy meals at all times.

As an official and certified service partner of TELTONIKA, INOVIS Live Automation handled the communication with TELTONIKA and supported FELFEL in the implementation of the RUT955. As an expert in automation solutions, INOVIS ensured that FELFEL received the right information to optimally configure the router and seamlessly integrate it into the existing technological infrastructure. This collaboration provided FELFEL with a reliable Internet connection, which was essential for the smooth processing of payments and operation of the smart refrigerator. INOVIS also helped FELFEL optimize the technological infrastructure to make the break room a place of convenient ordering and smooth operations. Monitoring refrigerator levels allowed FELFEL to better plan food needs and ensure that employees always had adequate choices.

The router used for connectivity, the RUT955.The successful collaboration between FELFEL and INOVIS is an impressive example of how close cooperation and the right technological support can help companies overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. Thanks to INOVIS’ solutions and the use of the RUT955, FELFEL was able to successfully implement its office catering solution and deliver a world-class dining experience in the workplace. The RUT955 enabled seamless payment processing and real-time monitoring of the refrigerators, resulting in a smooth ordering and delivery experience for employees.

Overall, the success story shows how close collaboration and the right technology support can help businesses overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. With INOVIS Live Automation as a trusted supplier and communicator with TELTONIKA, FELFEL has laid the foundation for a successful and efficient office catering system that promotes employee well-being and satisfaction.

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