Retrofit solution for R&M, Wetzikon (CH)

Successful retrofit solution ensures continued operation of R&M's production facilities

R&M (Reichle & De-Massari AG) is a globally active corporate group in the information and communication technology market, based in Wetzikon, Switzerland. The company develops, manufactures and sells infrastructure solutions for communication and data networks. Thanks to its innovative strength and integration capability, R&M covers the entire range of copper and fiber-based connectivity. The family company founded in 1964 has its own manufacturing facilities in 14 locations worldwide.

The newly introduced computer meets the same requirements as its predecessor model.

With the old model, the hardware had reached the end of life, and computer failures occurred.

The newly introduced computer meets the same requirements as its predecessor model.

With the old model, the hardware had reached the end of life, and computer failures occurred.

R&M uses various packaging machines in its production processes. During regular maintenance, it was discovered that the control computer on one machine at the Swiss site was generating more and more failures. The computer was due for replacement, but it turned out that the control software on this machine could not be reinstalled due to its age. The use of the machine and thus the production were no longer guaranteed.

INOVIS Live Automation AG was able to help R&M with a retrofit solution. Thanks to its extensive experience and high level of expertise, INOVIS was able to generate an equivalent system to which the installation of the old computer could be transferred. After the smooth replacement of the system by INOVIS, the packaging machine was successfully put back into operation. This retrofit solution saves R&M time and money, and the service life of the machine is estimated to be extended by 10 years and thus significantly.

Step 1
Here the product counting takes place before they are transported further.

Step 2
The machine counted products are further conveyed by means of transport technology.

Step 3
The boxes are filled with the products by conveyor technology. These are then conveyed via the lift to the packaging station.

Step 4
Packing and labeling takes place in this area.

Step 5
At the end of the process, the product is weighed. If the weight does not match the target value, a double check is conducted by an employee.

This success story is proof that retrofit is often a super compromise for aging equipment. The advantages of retrofit solutions are manifold. By replacing obsolete components or software, the service life of machines and systems can be extended, which in turn saves costs and promotes sustainability. In addition, a retrofit solution can help to improve the efficiency and productivity of plants and increase safety, for example by updating outdated safety standards. In addition, by integrating modern technologies into older machinery and equipment, companies can remain competitive and protect their investments.

In summary, the successful collaboration between R&M and INOVIS is a prime example of how companies can save time and money and extend the life of their valuable machines and systems by working with experienced and competent partners. INOVIS has once again proven that industrial computing is their passion and that with their experience and expertise they can help companies to operate successfully and efficiently.

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