NexAIoT was incorporated in 2014 and is a subsidiary of NEXCOM Group (TWSE: 8234). It is currently located in New Taipei City, Taiwan.
NexAIoT is committed in delivering Industry 4.0 total solution to clients globally, which includes iAutomation (Level 1), M2M Gateway (Level 2), IoT Edge (Level 3) and Cloud-based Enterprise War Room (Level 4) of the Industrial IoT ecosystem. Various systems in Level 1 to 4 have been successfully integrated by NexAIoT and implemented in the company iAT2000 system, which is a total solution for Industry 4.0 based on an open architecture and industry cloud-based SCADA System.

NexAIoT has established its position in Taiwan as the market leader in providing Industry 4.0 solution with its workforce of approximately 200 talented and enthusiastic employees experienced in Industrial PC, Factory Automation, Robotics and AIoT. This highly experienced team is able to serve as a system integrator for clients to support integration of Level 1 to 4 hardware components and software, and provide commissioning services for smart manufacturing and digital transformation.

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