ax-track is adnexo’s comprehensive solution for efficient and reliable remote maintenance of your applications and devices. Are you thinking about how to remotely manage your customer application, retrieve information and locations of your vehicles in real time and seamlessly integrate them into your ERP system (e.g. SAP)? Do you work with medical products or perishable goods that require seamless cold chain monitoring? Or do you want to offer your customers a first-class service for the operation of heating, air conditioning, ventilation (HVAC), flat roof monitoring or solar systems? We have the solution.

What do you do if the connection fails and values or sensors can no longer be read out? Do you just send your service technician over on the off-chance? Imagine how practical it would be if he already had all the information in advance and could optimally prepare for the visit. At INOVIS, we understand your needs. We also know that over a quarter of all machines work perfectly after a reboot – Windows says hello. A remote reboot, without a physical reboot, would not only be practical, but could also save considerable costs. Maybe your company is even already thinking about predictive maintenance to proactively avoid failures. We have the solution you need – a managed connection with reliable transmission of sensor values that forms the basis for massive cost savings in service and maintenance.

Together with our partner adnexo, we offer you ax-track – a plug&play solution for remote maintenance of your machines and devices via various connection types such as LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE, WLAN and LAN. We provide you with high-quality industrial hardware and you can effortlessly monitor the status of your connections in the self-service portal. Focus fully on your customer service while we take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of your IoT infrastructure. Also offer your customers attractive added value without having to deal with the complexity of the IoT infrastructure.

INOVIS is your reliable partner that opens the door to the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT). With ax-track by adnexo, we offer you the possibility to remotely manage your applications and devices, save costs and provide first-class customer service at the same time. Contact us today and discover the possibilities of ax-track! Trust INOVIS to maximise your added value and increase your success.

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