Gateway as Service

Are you considering managing your application at the customer’s site remotely? Or retrieving information and location of your vehicles at any time and playing it into the ERP (SAP), for example? Do you work with medicines or perishable goods where an unbroken cold chain must be proven? Or offer your customers a first-class service for the operation of your heating, air conditioning, ventilation (HVAC), flat roof monitoring or solar systems? What do you do when the connection fails and values or sensors can no longer be read? Do you just send the service technician over on the off chance? Wouldn’t it be nice if he already knew all the info in advance and could thus optimally prepare for the visit. Do you know that over ¼ of all machines work properly again after a reboot (Windows says hello)? Wouldn’t a remote restart without a physical reboot be practical and save huge costs or is your company even thinking about predictive maintenance? A managed connection with reliable transmission of sensor values is the basis for massive cost savings in service and maintenance. “Gateway as a Service” provides you with the perfect basis for this.
With “Gateway as a Service” INOVIS together with Swisscom and TELTONIKA offers a Plug&Play solution for remote maintenance of your machines and devices via a wide variety of connection types such as LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE, WLAN and LAN. You get industrial-grade hardware and can easily monitor the status of your connections in the self-service portal. You can fully focus on your customer service while we take responsibility for the life cycle of your IoT infrastructure. You too can offer your customers attractive added value – without having to deal with the complexity of the IoT infrastructure.

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