Industrial computing is our passion. We love working with new companies and bringing our experience into your projects.

INOVIS, headquartered in Switzerland with offices in Ireland, the UK as well as Germany and Poland, has specialized in customized industrial PCs and monitors, managed connectivity solutions and industrial communications since 1999. Our office in Taiwan enables direct communication with our main suppliers in their local language. The two production and assembly lines in Switzerland and Taiwan give the necessary flexibility to execute orders in a customer-oriented way. Our focus is on reliability, delivery continuity as well as industrial quality and certification to meet the high demands of our international clientele.

Organisational Structure

Our Customer Teams

INOVIS has separated our sales people into two distinct teams, depending on the complexity of your project we will ensure your enquiry is dealt with by the correct team. In general when you have a defined specification for your project and we can meet it with one of our extensive range of standard products your project will be handled by Team SESC – Standard Embedded Systems & Components. Otherwise Team CESC – Custom Embedded Systems & Components, will engage with you and your team. If working with Team CESC we will either MOdify a STandard product (MOST) or create a new custom solution to satisfy your requirement.

Our Leaders

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